Why Jeff Flake’s Words Ring Hallow

Jeff Flake in announcing that he would not seek re-election took to the Senate floor to rip President Trump on Flake sees as undignified language and behaviors from the White House.

Well yes, some of the things that he said or true the problem is his failure to recognize that President Trump is the result of the behaviors and conducts of Washington DC and not the cause of it.

This may sound like what aboutism, but doing so is helpful and pointing out some hypocrisy.

While Senator Flake disapproves and speaks out against President Trump for tweeting out insults like Crazy Schumer and little rocket man, I can’t remember him speaking out against Democrats constant name calling.

All day every day for years, Democrats go out and call Republicans racist, bigots, sexist and more. Democrats have aired commercials of Republicans pushing granny off the cliff. None of this was deemed so outrageous to Senator Flake to warrant speaking out against. But a Trump tweet, that’s taking it too far.

That fact that Senator Flake seems to accept or condone the dispictable action of the Democrats by his silence (a problem far to common in the GOP), Flake jumps at the chance to find a camera to speak out against the mild actions in comparison by Trump.

This is why Trump won, conservatives are tired of skinless Republicans that roll over and play dead for Democrats accepting their narratives. Where tired of having different rules of acceptable behaviors.

This is why so many RINO like Flake find themselves in a situation where they have become un-electible and now trying to virtue signal to save face. The Republicans have run out of excuses as to why they can’t dilerver on campaign promises and those who lied their way into office are being exposed and flushed out.