You’re 5 Steps From Being Homeless. Please Stop Being Racist

At first it was Mike Brown and I held my silence- I rationalized my lack of inaction by my refusal to watch the news (I don’t like to watch the news for the same reason I don’t like watching sports — it fucks with my emotion, but i digress) but then Eric Garner happened and that was the straw that broke the camels back, as they say.

Subconsciously, I think the main reason why I refused to comment because it’s almost disadvantageous to me as a black man, to see it as a race issue because then it would give me an easy excuse when I fail. Relax, racism apologists, just because I refuse to see it with myself doesn’t mean its not actually there. It’s just one of the many, many cognitive tricks one must employ as a black man in order to survive in this society- pretend race doesn’t exist, even though its actually there, so you can survive, but don’t mention that to anyone because you might look crazy.

And they wonder why we’re on drugs.

The issue with both deaths is that most of the media distorts it as a race issue- it’s easier to get clicks that way- when perfunctory thought will reveal that race is really a symptom rather than the cause. Socio economic inequality is the real issue here.

The issue with diversity is that it allows people to shroud their racism in a cloud of diversity- “Look at Obama! And their complaining about race!” Well Obama is an extremely exceptional man- he’s an anomaly to the rule. It’s not that easy to compare outliers, unless your Malcolm Gladwell with well marketed pseudo-science. It would be more apt to compare the average black man to the average white man, and when you do, the disparities are astonishing. Another important distinction, often overlooked, is that Obama is a descendant of an African not African American. I daresay if he was a descendant of African Americans, he might not have been president — not because African Americans are inferior in any sense, but because of the legacy of slavery that still hangs like a dark cloud over most American ghettos and the disdainful racism that lingers, like a ripe skunk, in the surrounding areas.

You see most of these sociology experts espouse their own ideologies by distorting to facts to prove their claims especially when it comes to “African-Americans” (read: black people). See this PC term, is often conflated with black people when it should be reading poor people. A simple control, the continent of Africa, would show you that the same socio economic hierarchy that occurs in the western world also occurs there even though they are all black people- so what gives?

Every society has it’s version of the nigger, if you will. Whether it’s Turks in Germany, North Africans in France, or natives in Canada, every society has a designated groups it habitual shits on an blames for all manner of social ills, often with little basis in fact. I haven’t lived in Germany or France for a significant amount of time but I can tell you that the amount of native hate that I heard or was alluded to when I was in university in Canada was simply appalling.

Whether it was complaints about them “going to university for free” even though they live in reserves (read: human cages) and as early the 1970s were still sent to resident schools with a 30% mortality rate (no, that was not a typo) . Even more shocking was the hatred I hear spewed about jews by people who’d never even met a jew! I grew up in a jewish neighbourhood and even though some of them were racist, it never even crossed my head to hate jews. If you hate natives, because they are poor and drunk, what kind of cognitive dissonance does it take to hate jews because, they are rich and successful?

Most of this hate boils down to people being truly oblivious to their luck in life. The vast majority of people simply reach the heights expected of them yet they hate other people for reaching the heights expected of them- talk about a double standard. To be born black in some neighbourhoods is simply to be born a write off- there is no Kumon if your ass cant spell good, neither is there after hour tutors for you to learn latin with — just drugs and crime, and a society that claims to be disappointed that you turned into drug dealer.

You’re only 5 bad life choices from being homeless- it really is quite easy when you think about it. Your born in an area with high crime and violence. Chances are your school is dilapidated, with substandard equipment and teachers don’t care. University seems like a pipe dream since only 25% of your graduating class is even graduating. There are no neighbourhood jobs so you start selling drugs to get a little money and frankly because it’s a little exciting. You get caught go to juvie, come out can’t get a job, start using drugs to escape reality. One thing leads to another and you’re out on the streets.

See, it’s not that hard.

“What about Barack Obama, or even Will Smith? They prove that all black need to do is pull themselves by the bootstraps!” is the common refrain. See that’s my point exactly, it’s not a black/ white thing. Those are two exceptional black people that have transcended race- they are outliers and a result aren’t indicative of the average black person.

Being black and exceptional in America means having boots you can pull the straps on. Being black and average means not having boots to begin with.

Racism is exhausting for both victim and perpetrator and isn’t “normal” as most race baiters would make you believe. Live and let live.

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