Get Path-Breaking eCommerce Solution with Magento Platform

After making the final decision to kick start your own online store, the first mind-boggling task is selecting the time-tested eCommerce solution. However, the availability of thousands of open-source eCommerce platform simplifies the job of developing a business-centric eCommerce website, but as a business leader, you must pick the best software solution that is none other than Magento. The Magento platform is distinctly ahead of its competitors. Now, let us explore how does a Magento platform transform your eCommerce business to a new height.

Bundled Solution: Magento platform comes with two different editions, Community and Enterprise edition. The Community edition of Magento platform is completely free to third party usage and provides a set of competitive features. While Magento Enterprise edition offers the incredible flexibility to build enterprise level solutions that will make your business unbeatable. Blessed with a variety of available extensions like one step checkout, social login, Google Analytics make this platform extraordinary and powerful.

Admin friendly: Magento has sundry backend feature for the admin dashboard. This feature is truly pivotal in simplifying the admin work and saving his precious time to manage an eCommerce store effectively. In the Magento platform, an admin has a variety of options. They can upload, edit and remove products in bulk at one go.

Business oriented solution: The main benefit of Magento platform is that it supports multivendor marketplace. It provides amazing benefits and extraordinary feature to manage multiple online stores from a single admin dashboard. The marvellous design and the powerful functionalities of Magento offer you the brilliant support to build a multi-vendor store that can effectively surpass your business expectations in terms of eye candy features and exponential business ROI.

Shielded Security & Marketing Perspective: Magento also supports transactions on an SSL layer, thereby shielding your customers’ sensitive credentials from hackers and securing your eCommerce site against any sort of account spoofing. The Magento platform is also SEO friendly. It offers you the great opportunity of creating an SEO friendly URL for your eCommerce sites as well as integrating powerful keywords in meta tags.

The aforementioned factors make this platform award-winning solution for your eCommerce business needs. So, hire eCommerce developer India and take your eCommerce business to the unrivalled stage by developing feature-rich online store.