Tips To Clean Your Laptop On Your Own

Here are the tips that will help you to clean your laptop on your own, most of the people are like to keep their laptop as new.

Some people don’t like to clean their laptop on own instead they hire the best professionals from a laptop service in chennai to get clean.

Safety is the first so, you must turn off your laptop before starting the cleaning process and unplug the power supply.

Microfiber Cloths — It is the important material you need to concentrate because of the need to use only 3M’s cloths to wipe the screen.

Especially, that cloth/towel are made to clean the glasses. This soft towel will help to gently wipe your laptop screen,

Filtered Water — You no need to buy a separate cleaning liquid to clean your screen, you can use a normal Filtered/Distilled Water to get the job done.

Spray Bottles- Try to use the spray bottles which gives a low press and harm to your laptop screen, fill the water in the spray bottle before starting to use.

Wipes / Cotton — People can use the disinfecting wipes or any cotton swabs to wipe the laptop screen by using those wipes will help to avoid any scratches on the laptop screen.

Blower — Use any fan or hair dryer to blow hot air on the laptop screen this will help to dry the water on your laptop screen.

Final Wrap

You can do this on every couple of weeks, and this will helps to your laptop look like a brand new. While cleaning the laptop, you should follow the safety tips to avoid any accident.

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