Fear and the Future of Work
erica brock

There are numerous untruths in this story of self-discovery.

1. Erica left NYC twice for a man. The first time was to L.A. and the second was to Mexico. The soup kitchen was hard work, but I assure you that she did not experience “burn-out”. She was able to afford vacations every two months. Her Facebook and Instagram is proof.

2. It wasn’t a former co-worker who revised her resume. It was a priest in NY that she had an affair with. He also paid for the plane ticket for her from Mexico to the US. He was also the reason why she she could afford drinking often. If it wasn’t him then it was the married man she also had an affair with.

3. The factory she worked at for 2 months didn’t sound good and made her miserable. After that she was offered good positions that paid $16–18/hr that she didn’t take. She complained everyday about having to fill applications, going on interviews, and about how she could do “these idiots’ jobs”.

The job market is bad and employers expect too much for too little pay, but Erica is not “the real deal”. She’s the opposite, a classic narcissist that will have you believing that she’s the victim with low self-esteem. She’s an unapologetic con who has used men and friends to live off of like a parasite.

She is a self-proclaimed activist who has never spoken specifically about the problems of whatever group she’s fighting the good fight for. Guantanamo? She’s written articles about her experiences protesting. Arrests? She talks a lot about herself going to jail, but I don’t know what for. I’ve never heard her speak of the friendships of men who ate at the soup kitchen.

Looking for work for 3 months is barely a struggle. The threat of becoming homeless was not real. She had a home and a lot of support in Des Moines. She survived 4 years without a job by using people.

She lives in Mexico again. If you see her, run. Don’t believe her when she says someone is out to get her cuz she rejected them.