Behind the scenes of Pika Colours

Colours, colors, couleurs, رنگیں….

Whatever, you want to call ‘ em! I’m going with ‘colours’, with a rolling ‘r’ on the pronunciation, we’re currently building our first game, Pika Colours — yes!!!!! 🙌 🌈

What will Pika Colours Do?

Before we delve into a behind the scenes look at how we’re making the game, let me explain what the game is about and what it will do.

Pika Colours will give the Pika camera app colour capabilities. Our early testers will have noticed that our camera app is very basic (black and white, no zoom, no composition tools, no editing options) and that is because each of our photography games powers up the camera app with new powers.

So, Colours will send kids off on a colour spotting adventure and each colour they photograph will go towards adding colour powers to their camera. Once the colour game is complete kids will have a full colour camera :)

How does Pika Colours Work?

Once children take a picture, the picture gets sent off to another planet where we have employed a team of martians to identify if the right colour has been photographed. If yes, the right colour has indeed been photographed then a message gets sent back to the app to confirm that. If the correct colour hasn’t been identified then that child is enrolled onto a colour training programme with lots of homework and exams.

As you can imagine setting up satellites to send photographic data back and forth between earth and this other planet (who’s name we can’t reveal as that’s our secret sauce) is time consuming, expensive and full of trial and error for our small team. Not even mentioning inter-planetary employment laws which is a minefield in itself!

The geekery

No, but seriously!, we’re building colour detection machine learning models.

This means we are able to identify colours on the fly in our camera. This also means that we’ve been spending our evenings masking out primary colours in images to create a training set for the machine learning models to do their thing better. We’re going to be sharing more about this process and are excited to see what kind of results we get from it.

A photograph of The Tate Modern, with a primary colour mask for training our ML models

Join our Colours Pilot

We’re opening up our pilot for a few more testers in August, so do sign up to express interest in joining. You will require an iPhone to take part and be up for offering us some critical feedback!

Also, do please keep sharing our sign-up page with other parents, grandmas, aunts, uncles…

by Aisha Yusaf, Founder

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