Pursuit 2018 — A Look Back at a Year of Growth for our Team

On a spooky night in October, monsters, superheroes, human puns, and a giant T-rex roamed the halls of Pursuit headquarters in Long Island City, Queens.

After inciting a few scares, they feasted on a buffet of snacks and drinks, played games, and a squared off in a costume contest hosted by Pursuit’s Chief Program Officer Rey Fernández.

The first-ever joint Halloween Party for Fellows and Staff, it was one of the many ways Pursuit has championed team and culture in 2018. We’ve hosted parties for major holidays, team lunches, and other events that have brought our One Big Team closer together.

Here’s a look back at a year of growth for the Pursuit team!

New Name, Same Mission

In September, we rebranded from C4Q to Pursuit — a new identity that better reflects our impact and vision for creating change beyond Queens and directly engages the national challenges we tackle. As part of the rebrand, we introduced a dynamic logo and visual system that celebrates the journey of our Fellows and community.

A New Employee 401K Plan

As we’ve grown, so, too, have our investments in our Staff. Reflecting our dedication to creating better financial futures, we launched a 401K plan for our team in 2018. Adding a retirement savings plan provides a long-term investment in our Staff that helps foster meaningful careers.

A Typical Weekly Staff Lunch from Greentop Farms

Team Lunches

This year, we introduced weekly team lunches featuring food from restaurants such as Thailand Center Point, Greentop, and Royal Catering Gourmet. It’s a chance for members of our Staff to take a break during the busy work day and get to know each other over some delicious eats.

Fright night

Our first-ever joint Halloween party for all Fellows and Staff featured a smorgasbord of snacks, games, and a costume contest won by Fellows Victoria Buchanan, Andre Cabrera, and Antonio Flores, Community Engagement Manager Depak Borhara, Head of Pedagogy Elle Faraday, and Director of Advance Victoria Lowe. The potluck featured delicious food from Fellows and Staff.

Needless to say, the team enjoyed the gif booth

Celebrating at our Bash

Our sixth annual gala fundraiser was our biggest yet — and our first in Manhattan (at Highline Stages). With the theme “Journey to Success,” Bash was a celebration of the amazing journeys of our Fellows and community. It was also an opportunity for our team to celebrate the impact we make.

Turkey Day

For our Thanksgiving Potluck, our Staff and Fellows cooked up their favorite dishes and came together to celebrate in Pursuit’s Flex Space. Among the most popular dishes were Chief Program Officer Rey Fernández’s sweet potato pecan pie and Lead iOS Instructor Alex Paul’s green banana salad with codfish and avocado, a national dish of Saint Lucia.

Team Holiday Dinner at Glasserie

Happy Holidays

Pursuit Staff got glammed up for our annual Holiday Party, just across the Pulaski Bridge at the Glasserie in Brooklyn. Staff enjoyed a buffet dinner and drinks while celebrating the spirit of the holidays. We had the opportunity to thank our instructors, teaching assistants, Program Managers, the Development team, and the rest of the team for the wonderful work they are doing in supporting our Fellows and helping them transform their careers.

Left: Elle got married! (Photo credit: Zakas Photography) Right: Alex completes a marathon in Pursuit gear

Personal Milestones

2018 was a great year for big life moments for our team members. Head of Pedagogy Elle Faraday got married and our iOS instructor Alex Paul completed yet another marathon.

Our one Big Team Gets A Lot Bigger

This year, Pursuit added a number of talented new Staff members to grow our impact and to serve more people.

Here’s to great 2019

We often find that bitmojis are better at expressing our feelings, so here’s a few to kick off the year. Looking forward to an awesome 2019!

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