4 Gift Ideas For Broke College Students

The holidays are coming up and if you’re anything like me you procrastinate buying gifts for all the special people in your life because you simply can’t think of anything to get for them. Not to mention the fact that being a broke college student doesn't exactly open a lot of doors for the perfect gift. Ah, the joys of being a broke college student. And really, we've gotta save money where ever we can, college student or not.

This year I’ve put together a list of gifts that are both thoughtful and cheap for everyone who is in the same boat as me!

Perfect custom mugs gifts for your friends.

via goodandmessy.com

Try out this idea for a cute customized mug. Run down to the dollar store and pick up some mugs, alphabet stickers, and permanent markers. Throw the desired stinkers onto the mug, and draw polkadots around the edge of the stickers — letting them thin out as they move away from the letter. Bada-bing, bada-boom you've got yourself a nice gift for only about $1.75 each! If you’d like a more extensive tutorial, check out this source.

Or, if you’re feeling extra daring take a crack at this awesome water color mug. Admittedly, it seems a bit more advanced than the letter mug previously mentioned, but look how cool it looks! Plus, it uses nail polish of all things to create this cool water colored effect. Check out directions on how to make it here.

Bake something & make it look dang cute.

via brit.co

If you’re a baker, you can always make a simple recipe look really cute! Wrapping basics are scrap fabric from the craft store, twine, and tissue paper. Try out these tips on how to make very plain wrappings look like you spent a lot of time on them.

Baked goods (minus the baking).

via dodoburd.com

If you aren't creativity inclined, and you can’t bake, a good option is to make a recipe jar! Just dump all the dry ingredients of a recipe into a mason jar, tie a tag with directions onto it, and you’re good to go! Here’s an source for every recipe jar under the sun.

So there you have it! A starter pack of gift ideas for all your loved ones.

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