The Roadmap: July 24, 2017

What is journalism for? // On radical listening // 75–150 journalists at launch // Whitepaper update // Fundraising update

Last Monday, we asked our community: “What is journalism for?”

The thoughtful responses to the snap-poll shared common beliefs that journalism is to inform the public and hold power accountable.

Here’s a sample:

“As the old saying goes, the purpose of journalism is to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable”

“Educating the electorate and holding power structures accountable”

“Deliver accurate information to citizens so they may effectively participate in their society”

“Broadcasting information in an engaging way to the public in a non-subjective, non-political form based on facts”

“to ensure an informed citizenry, fundamentally by holding those in power accountable and exposing abuse of same”

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P.S. Don’t miss last week’s blog post: “Working at Civil”.

On Radical Listening

Open. Transformative. Trustworthy.

These words reflect Civil’s core values, which form a framework for almost all parts of the business.

In the few short weeks since our launch, we began to ask ourselves questions.

  • How do we apply these values practically?

As these questions gained momentum, our answers began to reflect a common thread: we have to listen.

More specifically, we have to use listening as an active tool to create room for trust, both as it relates to our interactions and to our product. This sort of listening is active and purposeful. It allows for expansive, productive and truly transformative communication.

This is radical listening, and it will allow Civil to make great strides in its culture and development. We hope sharing our thoughts will encourage others to incorporate radical listening in their own toolbox.

Read “On Radical Listening” full-length post on Medium.

Our Roadmap

Civil uses “Objectives & Key Results” to define and manage its priorities.

How to read:

  • Every initiative is meant to be aggressive but achievable: top score of 1.0.
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Bonus: “Radical Focus: Achieving Your Most Important Goals with Objectives and Key Results” by Christina Wodtke

Our Objectives

Grow community

Our First Fleet strategy is nearly complete and ready to share with you all for feedback. As a reminder, the First Fleet is our codename for the inaugural class of journalists who kickstart the whole Civil platform.

We plan to support 75–150 journalists lighting up 25–50 newsrooms and stations across 3 areas of focus: 1) local, 2) investigate and 3) policy. Soon we will unveil more specifics including how you or someone you know can apply for an opportunity to serve as a journalist with Civil.

- 1 big thing: Join Slack for updates. Also, apply to become a Civil journalist.

Product development

Stephanie, CoinFund and team have been hard at work developing practical solutions to our platform’s thorniest questions, and we’re nearly complete with an update to our whitepaper that we believe goes a level deeper and truly begins to make clear how this will work.

- 1 big thing: It’s key we involve the community in shaping Civil’s work now and far into the future. But what’s the best way to incorporate the crowd’s feedback and volunteer effort? Any good ideas, please let us know.

- 1 big thing: Find out how to apply here.


This week we have 3 confirmed meetings with investors and ongoing conversations with several others. In order to hit our November target launch date, we’re looking to raise $2.5MM by August 31. We want to meet with blockchain investors, media investors and social impact investors. We want to meet with big investors and small investors ($10k min.). Ultimately, we want to pull together a round with parties aligned with our mission. That’s what’s most important.

- 1 big thing: Civil founder Matthew Iles created an investor pitch deck and interested inquiry form for those curious to learn more. Reach out for more information at


Every Monday and Friday, we share 1 new poll to take a collective pulse check on the community. (Bonus poll on Wednesdays in Slack.)

Today’s Poll:
What news content do you currently pay for and why?

Friday’s Poll:
What issues need more dedicated journalism?

Last Monday’s Poll:
What is journalism for?

P.S. See highlight answers from last week’s poll in Slack.

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