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What is TDM?

TDM is the native token for Tandem P2P platform. This token can be used within the platform only. You can earn as well as use this token for discounted fees on the platform.

1 TDM = $0.001

How to earn TDM?

Dear Community,

We are happy to officially announce the launch of the first version of Tandem’s mobile application.

Since the announcement of Tandem a month ago we have undertaken a survey amongst P2P traders, completed a beta phase of testing, understood the pain points, and are now releasing the first version of the Tandem mobile application.

We are packaging the essence and flavour of P2P trading in an entirely new bottle and we want you to be a part of this milestone. This is a vital step towards our long term vision in the widespread adoption of crypto globally.

This week: Jaron Lukasiewicz: Blockchain & Crypto Veteran

An overview of Jaron Lukasiewicz:

Jaron Lukasiewicz has been a blockchain entrepreneur since 2012 when he founded Coinsetter, a New York City-based bitcoin exchange built to support professional traders, bitcoin companies and Wall Street institutions. Coinsetter was eventually acquired by Kraken in 2016. Since then, Jaron has worked with several high profile blockchain projects through Autonomos Capital, advising their management teams on challenges commonly faced by companies in the burgeoning industry.

Prior to Coinsetter and Autonomous Capital, Jaron was the Co-Founder of Ticketometer, a social media-focused online ticketing platform. …

This week: Christopher Yoshida: Traditional Finance Expert and Investment Banker.

An overview of Christopher Yoshida:

Christopher Yoshida is known for his business acumen in Global Finance. Currently, he is a Senior Advisor focused on the Global Credit business.

Previously, Chris was the Chief Strategy, Sales & Marketing Officer at fin-tech platform trueEX. Before joining trueEX, Chris was the Global Head of Interest Rate Distribution, Listed Derivatives and Markets Clearing, Head of Securitized Product Sales — America and a member of the Global ICG Executive Committee at Deutsche Bank.

Before joining Deutsche Bank, Chris was at Morgan Stanley until September 2014…

An overview of Michael Terpin:

Michael Terpin has been in the PR agency management industry for over 25 years. Constantly innovating in PR, technology platforms, and the space in between. Currently, he is the CEO of Transform Group, the world leader in blockchain and ICO PR and advisory services.

Within the blockchain and crypto sector, Terpin has led PR efforts for 100+ blockchain companies and foundations, including some of the leading token crowdsales. Client successes include the launches of Augur, Counterparty, Dash, Ethereum, Factom, Golem Network, Lisk, MaidSafe, Tether, as well as ongoing campaigns for Bittrex and Shapeshift.

Additionally, Terpin…

The team at Tandem is relentlessly working towards building a revolutionary crypto product that aims to establish a unique ‘global distribution ecosystem’ for users to earn passive income in crypto while educating and connecting them.

Our Advisors have been constantly guiding us throughout our journey. This adds invaluable business insight and mileage towards making this an ideal global product. Going forth, every week we will introduce an advisor so that all our users understand our Advisors better.

This week:

Brock Pierce: Blockchain Pioneer, Philanthropist and Community Leader.

Brock Pierce is an entrepreneur and venture capitalist with an extensive track record…

Do you want to be a crypto entrepreneur? Without knowing much about crypto?

Are you a cryptocurrency enthusiast?

Do you want to earn passive income in crypto?

If your answer is YES to any of those questions.. You have landed at the right place…

Welcome to Tandem and Say Hello to Smart money.

We’ve received an overwhelming response of 10,000+ registrations in such a short span of time and this is kinda huge for us. Not to mention it’s just a small step towards a bigger leap towards wider adoption.

With all the mainstream crypto products in this space…

Tandem is an all-new exciting project in cryptosphere that is working towards higher adoption of crypto in the masses. The belief of the team at Tandem is that the long term success of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is completely dependent on their mass adoption.

Tandem has the strong backing of crypto originals and believers such as Brock Pierce (Bitcoin Foundation, EOS) and Michael Terpin (CEO and Founder of Transform Group) and Jaron Lukasiewicz (CEO of Influential Capital, also the founder of Coinsetter — one of the first crypto exchanges in the world). It also has backing from traditional finance stalwarts…


Join Tandem - Together we aim at building one of crypto’s most revolutionary products that the world has ever seen!

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