Introducing Tandem: Say Hello to Smart Money — CEO, Prashanth Swaminathan.

Oct 1 · 2 min read

Do you want to be a crypto entrepreneur? Without knowing much about crypto?

Are you a cryptocurrency enthusiast?

Do you want to earn passive income in crypto?

If your answer is YES to any of those questions.. You have landed at the right place…

Welcome to Tandem and Say Hello to Smart money.

We’ve received an overwhelming response of 10,000+ registrations in such a short span of time and this is kinda huge for us. Not to mention it’s just a small step towards a bigger leap towards wider adoption.

With all the mainstream crypto products in this space. We wanted to deliver something relatively new — To create a platform more appealing for crypto and non-crypto users. We have onboarded advisors from the crypto and traditional space so that we can get the best of both worlds. From crypto OGs like Brock Pierce and Michael Terpin to Christopher Yoshida, a senior advisor at Carlyle Group (one of the world’s largest investment firms), and Jaron Lukasiewicz, creator of one of the first crypto exchanges — We are here to offer all our users the best solution towards the fiat-crypto conversion around the world.

After many brainstorming sessions with our advisors, we have outlined a ground-breaking product that will bridge the gap and knowledge between crypto and non-crypto users.

At Tandem we are building a revolutionary framework that will establish a unique ‘global distribution ecosystem’ for users to earn passive income in crypto while educating and connecting them.

Prashanth Swaminathan, CEO of Tandem, “I am happy to officially announce that — Tandem will be a global interface that will support 50+ countries, 50+ fiats to promote crypto adoption.”

Well, hold on tight as we are getting close to launching the beta version for Tandem.

Before the official launch of the product, we will feature numerous polls and product snippets for our community on telegram and social media channels. (We would love to hear from you on how we are making progress with this.) Stay tuned for more information and also to be the first to know.

You can be a part of this, as we are still open to registrations where users can receive more than 25,000 credits on Tandem. These Credits can later be into crypto after the launch of the product do not lose this opportunity! Sign up and invite your friends to help us grow our distribution network.

Till then, keep it smart!

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Join Tandem - Together we aim at building one of crypto’s most revolutionary products that the world has ever seen!

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