Leading the Charge: Those at the forefront of the Cannabis Industry

The Knights of the Roundtable. The First Council of Nicaea. The United Nations.

What do these all have in common?

They were the beginning of movements to make change – leaders, experts and visionaries brought together to assess a phenomenon and make decisions that would change the course of history.

We are at a point in the 21st Century where a brand new industry has emerged, arguably a phenomenon set to change history. Cannabis, in all its forms, is here and growing at exceptional rates. Now is the time for those men AND women at the forefront of this industry – business leaders, entrepreneurs, technologists, medical professionals, legislators, activists, parents, patients and investors – to come together and shape what Cannabis will become.

Joint-Ly is set to lead the charge, a charge started by so many brave people, to bring this “Cannabis Council” together, to tell the stories of those people who are forging a brand new path. This path will lead to legalization of marijuana through education and insight; and it will give birth to innovative technology that puts the industry in everyone’s hands.

Read their stories. Empathize with their intentions. Learn from their experience. If nothing else, know that decades of stigma and misconception are just that – we are the Cannabis Industry.

Originally published at joint-ly.com.

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