31 fintech companies to watch

I would like to share with you 31 fintech companies that I believe will be huge successes in the upcoming years or will make it big in 2015.

All of them have in common that they are going to change either money or banking.

From this list you might be missing companies such as Stripe or Lending Club, but I wanted to highlight competitors which are in another stage of the growing cycle. I.e I think that Razorpay could be one day Stripe’s biggest competitor in India or Upstart could turn into a huge success such as Lending Club.

By following the link in the image below, a new screen will open where you can visit the websites of the companies by clicking into their names or see their Crunchbase profile by following the funding cycle sign (Seed, A, B, C, D).

I will be happy to discuss with you new fintech companies to add into the infographic.


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