FAMILY AND FRIENDS: Love and be loved.

Behind. Because of Covid-19 I had to cancel my plans of working from Spain for one week during this quarter.

Achieved. During the second quarter of the year and because of Covid-19 my activities have changed a bit, but I still have found time to meet my close friends. We had to change going to restaurants and bars for Zoom drinks and I have the feeling that I have chatted with my friends from home more than ever.

Failed. Because of Covid I could not organise any dinner with friends at home.

HEALTH: Stay healthy.

Behind. I’ve swam 15,139m. I have really enjoyed…

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How do you do to become a better Product manager? In this article I will explain what is the process I am following to gain new skills related to my work.


At the end of every year, I take a step back and I reflect on what I have accomplished during the past year. I also use this time to define what will be my focus for the upcoming year. Understanding where we are, helps us make better choices when deciding and prioritising what we want to get better at.

For doing the self-assessment right, it is important to…

The collaboration and work of a multidisciplinary team is needed to create any successful product. At the same time, it is essential to create a good relationship between all the team members to have a great impact as a team.

To accomplish that it is importan to:

Have a shared mission. All team members being aligned on why it’s important to work on a certain project it is key for its success. Not having a shared mission could lead to each team member pushing on a different direction causing frustration.

Share credit. All team members should have the chance to…

Today I’m sharing a video where I explain the process I have created for defining OKRs and tracking them regularly.

Main takeaway:

  • Set quarterly OKRs that translate into weekly priorities which are tracked daily.

This long weekend I have spent a few hours prototyping a product I had in mind and I have enjoyed it a lot. I like creating designs of products I wish I could I use from start to finish. These small challenges also help me improve my designing skills and stay up to date with new tools.


The idea of creating a product to watch concerts through Spotify came from this special time we are living right now. I was missing going to concerts and at some point I saw myself searching for online shows from my favourite…

At the beginning of this year I decided to be more proactive setting and executing on the goals for 2020. Taking this into account, I defined my personal Objectives and Key results for the year and the first quarter.

Now that the first three months of the year are ending and spring is just around the corner, it’s time to reflect and see what I’ve done well and what needs to be changed.

FAMILY AND FRIENDS: Love and be loved.

Behind. I had everything booked to meet my parents, sister and friends, and work from Madrid during the second half of March, but I had to cancel…

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You’ll always have unplanned work or circumstances during a Sprint and this is why you’d better plan for it.

Unplanned work could be a bug that suddenly happens in production and needs to be fixed or supporting a colleague from a different squad. All these issues take time that has not previously been planned.

Unplanned circumstances could be that your children get sick and you need to stay home with them or that your local machine stops working. Again, these are issues that it’s not possible to control in advance.

After finishing a few sprints without completing the work committed…

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Recently, it has happened to me that a disagreement with a colleague turned into a small argument. It was nothing serious and we could sort everything out, but I felt bad. I should have acted differently to avoid this situation from happening. I have asked myself what would have been the best way to handle this situation and I came up with a few tips I hope to follow next time.

  1. Start by creating a safe space for issues to be discussed. I approached my colleague directly at his desk and made a statement that wasn't the best way to…

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Saying goodbye to colleagues I appreciate is one of the hardest things that happened to me at work.

In the last two months, two “amigos” I work closely with have decided to move away to continue their careers somewhere else. And I have mixed feelings about this situation. On the one hand, I feel happy for them because this change will help them grow professionally, but on the other hand, I feel sad that we won’t be working together anymore. I think we understood each other well and formed a good team.

When a talented colleague that I appreciate decides…

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Creating bug tickets with the right information can save tones of money for your company. Also, it will make life much easier for your dev colleagues.

What information should you add when creating a bug ticket?

  1. Title: Should be self-descriptive and short.
  2. Environment: Is the bug happening in Production or a Staging environment?. Production
  3. Steps to reproduce: Describe the steps needed to reproduce the bug exactly. This information is key for helping the developers get to the root cause of the issue fast. Don’t forget that most of the times it takes longer for developers to reproduce the bugs than…

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