My first blog post and how I got here

I sit and stare at a computer screen, the computer screen that I’m using to convey this message and share what I’m thinking to the world. But the unfortunate thing is that I have no idea what to write. When I first had the idea of writing a blog, I thought it would be a secondary diary where I could call out my friends for all the horrible things they did or a place to dish my personal beliefs, but when I got here, all of that flushed from my brain. It didn’t feel right for a first blog post, so I looked up some fun blog ideas, nothing tickled my fancy, they all sounded so basic and round. My creative writing teacher once told me that if I don’t know what to write about, then that’s what I should write about. But then I thought “Why even write a blog?”

I guess it started in the seventh grade, when I submitted a short story to a teacher and she really liked it, so she had me write a few more through out the year. And then I wrote a pretty prideful short story in the eighth grade about a man who mourned over the loss of his lover after she fell into a lake and drowned. And then an even shorter story freshman year of high school about a girl who kills herself after getting raped. You can tell my mental health has always been amazing! But high school was truly a time for me to write poetry. Sonnets, free verse, ballads, any possible way to express myself through the written word . I would scribble haikus on the sides of worksheets and character descriptions on my homework.

Junior year, I met this man who also wrote a blog, but he did it so effortlessly. I remember riding the bus home, reading his blogs about the struggles with gender stereotypes or performing in theater. He could just be sitting in his living room, writing a little anecdote about how he wears bright red lipstick as a middle finger to gender roles. He came out with something to write about every week, while I can’t even think about something on the spot.

And then, while complaining with my English teacher about the new president of the United States, I told him that he should write a blog. He said he gets that a lot, especially since he is so opinionated. To quote him “Facebook rants can only get you so far” and he’s right. I don’t even post rants on social media, I keep that drama for my diary. But after giving a blog some consideration, and receiving support from some friends, I thought “Why the hell not?” It took a few months of reading other blogs and building up the courage to actually write something, but here I am. My audience patiently waits to see what I will do next.

So for my first blog post, I’ll come right out and say that I have no idea what I’m doing. Blogging is this ultramodern thing for me, I have never been required to write for other people’s eyes, I’ve always written to express myself. So why not both?