Offers Fashionable and High Quality Cell Phone Accessories at Competitive Prices

Online Consumer electronics brand carries high quality stylish gadgets.

It was October 2014, when a group of friends had a get together; the discussion took a turn toward business. They discussed the latest trends of consumer electronics and the merger of fashion and tech. This led to establishment of a fashionable brand of cell phone accessories.

Today, they have an online store of trendy and stylish gadgets. Their focus is not only on fashionable accessories, but rather gadgets meet the need of on-the-go usage, such as power banks, car chargers, high performance data cables, etc.

“If you seek style in cell phone accessories, you will find it on our website” said Eugene Metreveli who is one of the pioneers and a managing director of Joly Joy Co.

The users can find most modern and useful phone accessories at . The brand keeps itself updated with the new industry innovations. “I am very pleased to see my aesthetic ideas displayed on the website, and I will keep increasing the range of products, as Joly Joy is going to launch a fresh lot of stylish gadgets very soon” says Mr. Paul the co-founder of the brand.

Founded in November 2014, Joly Joy has a high repute in business community for its quality and innovation. The brand is devoted to introduce a blend of fashion and technology. “Our main focus is to manufacture the accessories in a different and unique style and we do not compromise on quality. We try to provide the best quality products with a touch of fashion and creativity. In addition we offer after sales service to our customers for example if they feel any problem with our product we immediately replace it and thoroughly investigate the matter to give a satisfied support to our customers” said Ms. Polgariova who is a head of the design department.

The Joly Joy cell phone accessories are useful for the travelers and for people who have an active social life. The accessories help them to keep in touch with social contacts as well as with their business matters. “These days phone usage is immense and almost everybody feels the need to recharge the devices for a constant connection. So, our main focus is to present the smart phone accessories like power banks, car chargers, data and sync cables which can help people to recharge their phones anywhere they go” Says Mr. Paul.

In a very short time became a successful and reliable online resource for expeditors, travelers and stylish gadget lovers. The high quality ultra modern smart phone accessories have a very reasonable price and packed in a premium gift box packaging.

In addition the after sales service makes the customers feel secure and provide them fearless and convenient shopping opportunity.


Ali Basharat

Marketing Director, Joly Joy Co.

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