#TechyTip: How to Bring More Visibility to Your LinkedIn Recommendations

Jolynn Oblak
Jan 15 · 3 min read

I recently received a glowing recommendation from someone and thought, “ wow, this is great. I loved working with her.” Then, I looked at my LinkedIn profile and had to scroll down ALL the way to the bottom to see it!


(Note: LinkedIn can you add this to your list of elements to re-design?)

— →Click here to see the problem in action.

Hidden recommendations do not help anyone!


Recently, while scanning my updates, I came across a tip from Jared. J. Wiese, that had my techy spidey senses all -a flutter!

Jared recommended creating a set of visually appealing slides using Google Slides!

Why do I love this?

  • It allows you to brand your recommendation in your own way. Use your logo and colors and show your design skills!
  • It gives the person who gave you the recommendation better visibility in your profile a win-win)
  • It can be shared via a web link to your LinkedIn profile, social media profiles or your online portfolio ( I am using FYI.to currently)


Watch the video walk through of how to do this step by step

  1. Open Google Drive and Create a new Document > select Slide Presentation
  2. Next, choose the slide template you want to use ( you can choose a base design and change it to match your branding).
  3. Cut and Past the text of your recommendation onto the slide.
  4. Add the name and title of the person who recommended you. BONUS: add the company logo and consider adding a short summary about the role you had so they can consider your skills in context to the recommendation
  5. When you have it the way you want it to look, click on the SHARE button at the top right of the window and copy the live website link
  6. PASTE the link into your media section of your LinkedIn profile OR use this FREE website builder FYI to collect and display relevant links

Tell me in the comments below… do you like this #tip ? Will you use it?

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Message me to inquire about how I can do a similar review and write up for your product.

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