“Calle Obrapia#4” Choreographed and Performed by COMPAGNIE EX NIHILO (Pic: Val Adamson)

Catching and Falling, Catching and Falling

by Mdu Mtshali

Three women and two men take ownership of a space. Each one has their own history, their own identity, the need for recognition. Wandering, waiting and hoping, they dance with the walls, the tar, the pavements.

This truly was New, Now and WOW!

Performed by Anne Reymann, Corinne Pontana, Rolanda Rocha, Jean-Atoine and Anne Le Batard Calle Obrapia#4 explored different musical layers using a combination of portable am/fm radios and recorded music. Situated at the entrance of the Sneddon Theatre, the audience exiting the theatre’s foyer were confronted by dancers pacing around tuning small radios while searching, switching between a variety of local radio stations offering a soundtrack that combined soccer commentary (Pirates vs Golden Arrows), popular music, static and a plethora of radio DJ commentary.

What do you get when phenomenally talented dancers work together? Pedestrian movements were incorporated with necessary skill and strength to jump with ease and land with control on the pavement. Their ability to move, contort, and stretch their bodies was mesmerizing to behold. Each uniquely different than the next, they somehow complement each other as if they’d spent their entire lives dancing together. This being my first experience of Compagnie Ex Nihilo, I instantly felt connected to their vision, their work; because these dancers have a magnetism that draws you in, and delicately, yet passionately invites you to stay.

They entertained my face off! Loved it! Adored it! Can’t wait to see what they do next at the KZNSA next week!

JOMBA! Runs from 24 August-4 September and tickets are available at the door or on line at Computicket.

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