This is the first website I found: http://resn.co.nz/#

What I liked about this page is the design and creativity. When you enter the website, you are greeted with a loading bar, which is smooth AF and when it’s done you are then greeted by a a diamond in a shape of a water drop. Also, the website’s “About” and “Works” page has a smooth experience when viewing.

On this site there is a very notable UI, and its the diamond drop. When you mouse around the website the drop reacts, and when you click & hold it shows an interactive activity by just moving your mouse.

The other website I found was: http://weareyoungblood.com/sebastian-coolidge

What I liked about this page was, it was a simple design, you didn’t have to do much to get around the portfolio. That isn’t a bad thing if its simple, it means you or me can get around the portfolio with ease, and not much hassle.

The only special UI there is is, when I scroll down, the content appears as I go. Other than that there isn’t much that is special about it.

The last website I found was: https://www.aquest.it/en

What I liked about this website was, the compactness of the site. If you’re a lazy bum like me and don’t like moving your mouse around too much, then this is a good portfolio for you!

The special UI of this website was, when you hovered over certain links, then the background images of those links change.

What interested me from the examples above was the first website and its loading screen to enter the website. It’s an interesting way to get the user interested into your website.

What I would like to add is the loading bar from the first website, due to it being cool AF, and I can show off to other people as well.

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