How to create your own clothing line?

Everything starts with an idea. The key is to make your fashion ideas enterprising. By that, I mean ideas that you can turn into money-making originals. Being realistic is necessary when implementing ideas, but while you are dreaming up ideas, the sky really is the limit. Just imagine what you would like to wear, how you look in it, and then sketch it out. However, not everyone is the same body type so what looks good on one person may not make another the ravishing creature you visualize in your mind.

Just imagine the joy in the heart of a person who finally finds fashionable clothing that makes them look great! Imagine how much that person would pay for that kind of joy. Developing ideas for clothing is more than just what looks good on you or on your best friend. It is crafting an item that will make a certain body type look beautiful.

Since your passion is fashion, you probably already have an idea that will trend beautifully in the fashion world. Let’s begin!

Follow the steps!

  • Begin with your idea.
  • Explore importance of sourcing for fabric and trim.
  • The Tech Pack and how to use it efficiently.
  • Learn the ins and outs of pattern.
  • How muslin fit making sure the pattern fits
  • How to create the perfect sample and the perfect pattern.
  • Production prep.

How to prepare a clothing line production Workshop

  • Determining Costs of the Garment(s) — Bill of Material/Cost Sheet.
  • How to purchase material and trims
  • How to prepare labels and care labels
  • Grading and Marker (Creating your pattern in different sizes)
  • Preparing Correct PO for Contractor
  • Cutting and Sewing of Production/Send outs
  • Finishing and Quality Control

How to Create Your Brand Identity Workshop

  • Creating your business plan — Outlining your project
  • Visualizing the Project
  • Thinking it through
  • Writing it down
  • Sales Strategies
  • Costs/Profits
  • Branding and Brand Identity Core
  • How to create your unique logo
  • How to prepare your photoshoot
  • How to create content for your website
  • How to prepare the visual image and to reflect it in social media

How to Promote Your Business in Social Media Workshop

  • How to open social media outlets that are relevant for your brand
  • How to create a slogan that personalizes your brand and line
  • How to research forums, communities, and blogs
  • How to create your own community and blog, and effectively manage it
  • How to make Twitter, Facebook, and other social outlets work for you.
  • How to build the reputation of your brand
  • How to launch a campaign on social media
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