Udacity’s Nano Degree In Digital Marketing Could Have Possible Changed My Life.

When I first heard about the nanodegree I was in Undergrad; I thought that it was cool and I would tell others about it but never thought that I would be taking a nanodegree myself. When it was time for me to graduate, I was looking for jobs and it seemed like I just couldn’t get hired so I stayed where I was currently. Then I could see a lot of my coworkers moving into new positions new professions and I was just here at my job and I didn’t know what I was going to do next. I was thinking to myself what can I do how can I move into the profession that I got a degree in which was what is marketing. One day my brother told me that they have a Nano degree from Udacity in Digital Marketing and he offered to pay for it for me. At first I was hesitant but I eventually told him yes.

I was very excited, I was looking up the syllabus, I was seeing everything that I possibly could before the class actually opened. When the class actually opened, you are finding out that there are peers that are doing the same thing as you that are going through the same situation if not similar, they’re instructors, they’re mentors, there are resources that we are learning with first-hand that we will use once we get a job in this field. Being in this program I am learning so much that I didn’t think that I was learning when I was in college. The fact that everything is so up-to-date is even better because you can see exactly in time how the marketing field is changing especially how far digital marketing is going to reach consumers or businesses and brands.

If there was ever a time where you decided that you needed a career change or you were interested in how to build a business or brand or get awareness for that brand I would highly recommend going for the Nano degree in Digital Marketing because you will not only be with people that are in the same boat as you, but you will be instructed by people who have experience in that field and are still doing this to this day they are not only guiding you through this journey they’re walking with you as well.

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