Growth data models Speedinvest Platform+
Growth data models Speedinvest Platform+
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Getting to know Growth, getting to know all about Growth!

Before jumping into what growth models are and how to build them, it’s important to understand what growth means. In this instance, growth is a systematic and repeatable method to create a meaningful and sustainable business — not a one-trick pony growth hack to gain a few thousand more users.

A growth model enables an organization to apply these sustainable and repeatable practices to their product. In short, a growth model is a mathematical representation of your users. From acquisition and activation to retention and referral, this model shows you how they interact with different parts of your product over…

Most founders are just fumbling in the dark.

No early-stage startup story is the same. However, there are a few common chapters that all early-stage startups share, fighting for the elusive product-market fit being one of them. Much like awkward teenagers gossiping about dating in high-school, product-market fit is something we all talk about, very few understand, and even fewer honestly have experience with.

But seeing as product-market fit has become such a hot topic for founders over the last decade, there are now many free “how-to” guides online that are more designed to get clicks than to actually be helpful. …

There’s a common theme across many of the startups that I work with, and it’s the blinkers of success. Startup founders have so much passion and love towards their products and company that more often than not, they are blind to the obvious that is the understanding of product-market fit.

Startups are essentially like a human going through the motions of growing up. They start with the messy infant years where they are understanding the problems they wish to solve with their product. Next comes the school years where they’re experimenting with ideas, learning about the market and what direction…

Company Visions, Missions and Values have been around for a long time. Once a company begins to scale to more than the original founders, it usually comes with developing some sense of where the company wants to go. More often than not, it’s utter bollocks.

“Our vision is to be the best at this, and we value trust and integrity” sound familiar? We have an issue in the world of startup culture to develop our company ethics around these vanity keywords. …

  1. Thou shalt find Product-Market Fit.

In order to be able to grow your product properly, you need to understand the product and the market fit. Does your product, as it stands today really, do what it’s supposed to do? To quote Marc Andreessen “Product/Market fit means being in a good market with a product that can satisfy the market.”. If you don’t have product-market fit, you’ll never grow your product to its true potential, and it’s easy to believe you have it when you don’t.

2. Thou shalt honour thy North Star.

Your North Star Metric is a single metric…

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Tech Founder, Angel Investor, Father. ⚒️ Sharing my ideas and experiences about entrepreneurship and growth. 🇬🇧+ 🇸🇮

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