“Hey JC, I am just starting College, got any advice to help me get through it?” — One again, a fake question from a fake reader

I am really not sure of what the percentages are for who I follow on Twitter but over the past few days I saw quite a few tweets from people expressing that they were afraid or apprehensive about starting up College. Well this is a bunch of nonsense. Have you ever heard someone say, “Man, I have to go back and visit my old college and I just don’t want to!” Of course not, people say that about things that are terrible such as going to the Dentist or a Rascal Flatts concert.

Well what makes you qualified JC?”

Hello Old Friend

Nothing really, although I did graduate from IU’s Kelley School of Business which some fancy pants magazines and publications ranked as the 4th best in the country. That isn’t too bad, and I graduated with a G.P.A. above 3.0. (I said above, thats all that mattered to interview with companies. How far above? Sources cannot confirm). This all leads me back to my original point that College is nothing to stress about. If good ole JC can double major and graduate in four (and a half) years from a top program, well guess what, you can too.

Too bad you couldn’t hack it in the business world JC”

Hey fake person I am arguing with: June, July, & August. Now Go kick rocks!

…And now here is some advice for how you can get through College with a successful experience

Show up to class

I know I know. This seems pretty obvious right? I know a fair amount of people that bombed out of college entirely. I do not know a single one that was bounced due to classes just being “Too hard.” This does not mean that you will necessarily excel in the major that you thought you were going to. This is a good thing. If you cannot hack it in the class that you thought you wanted to pursue a career in while attending all of the classes, guess what this is telling you?! You are not cut out for that particular field. Sorry Charlie, pick something else. And if all else fails just go for the ole “General Studies” diploma or whatever is the easy major is at your college. Every college has one (Well maybe not M.I.T., but I know ND does, IU does along with every other B1G school) If you show up to class and flunk out, congrats, you will be the first person I know to have done this and I will buy you a cookie for your troubles.

Substance Abuse and other strange addictions

Missing class and becoming addicted to something are the two ways that I saw people flunk out. One guy in my dorm hallway could not stop playing Grand Theft Auto 3 and got straight F’s. Bang, one semester gone. Another guy in the hallway played online poker for days on end. Perhaps he made it in life, but not at IU. You also can probably find someone who doesn’t want to go to class on any day/night of the week. College is essentially a four day week, figure out a way to manage your time and social life.

“Well JC, you sound like a real Debby Downer, I bet you were fun to be around”

Nonsense. I went from going to high school where I was in school from 8 until practice ending at 6ish to college where I had about 3 hours of class a day. That was it. Once again, once you master time management, you are fine.

Find a pair of pants that fit you right now and leave them at home

Try them on whenever you go home. If they fit, great. If they do not fit, it wasn’t your Mom who “shrunk your clothing”. 15 pounds quickly turns to 50 if you don’t watch it, and it might be time to start hitting the gym a little more and instead of Pizza and Breadsticks how about just Pizza. Or Pizza without dipping it into ranch. The little things.

“Take your own advice!”

Noted. Jerk.

But they are so tasty

Females don’t go out alone

There are creeps out there. Look out for your friends.

Nobody cares about your Fraternity or Sorority except the other members in your Fraternity or Sorority

Just remember that in case you are getting boring looks when you start talking about it. There is nothing wrong about posting stuff, and I actually encourage it if it is some of the fundraising stuff (I try to donate to good causes!).


It is not mutually exclusive that you can only have friends from High School or College. It is entirely possible to make new friends while still talking to old high school buddies. No one likes the person who constantly is bragging about “Having all new friends, and the old ones were bums and blah blah blah.”
 Also refusing to go outside of your normal crowd won’t help you out much for enjoying your college experience.

Don’t pick a college for just your boyfriend/girlfriend

If you are destined to make it you can deal with four years. Not sure it could get more awkward than going to a particular college for a bf/gf and having a breakup. Poof, no relationship and now you whiffed on your College. Congrats!

If you don’t want to be at the college you ended up at, don’t be

Another common reason that I see people leave college is that they enroll at a place where they have no desire being at. It was always strange to me but I see it happen quite often. If you have a crappy mindset about a place, the place is going to be crappy. If you want to go home or to another college then go. The only people who will give you crap are losers anyways.

If you are playing a sport, you better love things like going to practice for that particular sport.

College athletics can be brutally hard at any level whether it be D1, D2, D3, NAIA, and all others. If you are playing a sport in college because you thought it was cool to be recruited and you liked the fans and the newspaper articles and all the other stuff that comes with it, you might want to rethink it. Your life will revolve around that sport for the next four years and you better enjoy yourself with all of the hard work that goes into it, or else you will be miserable.

One side note that I see with college athletes though, if you make it through, the networking is unbelievable. I feel everyone I know that stayed with a sport the entire way was able to get hired quite quickly.

Don’t be the person to ask a million questions in a 300 person class

No one likes that person. Delays everyone else from getting out at a reasonable hour. Whomever said, “There is no such thing as a dumb question” was a clown. Ask questions at office hours.

Clown Question Bro!

If your team has a once in a year game and you have class that night…

Go to the game (Unless it burns members in a group project). Yes I still remember IU/Duke, IU/Bucky and IU/UNC vividly. I don’t remember a ton about International Business besides BRIC countries and whatever.

The GPA is important but…

Networking & experience is more important (NOT TRUE FOR ALL MAJORS, if going to grad school please disregard) Don’t put off the internship until your final Summer before you graduate. No one is going to hire you because you rattle off your GPA.

Enjoy it

Ask anyone with a real job if they would like to trade places for a week and I can tell you what the answer would be.

Any other questions or things that I missed, just bark at me and tell me what a complete fool I am.

Until next time gang,


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