Hello Friends

(Jim Nantz Voice)

I just realized that I had 31.5k tweets. That seems like quite a bit to me especially when you consider that 10k are probably about Denny Green, the #B1G, Steak, and bothering famous people on Twitter. I realized that Twitter is not perfect for everything so I decided to expand a bit, which I suppose leads us to here.

I used to have a blog back when I was in College. The blog and its contents are long gone but I know that many of the loyal readers are still around (All twelve of em). The blog touched on quite a bit of stuff but the main thing was that it was fun. I am aiming to do the same thing here.


Expect a ton of the stuff that you see on my Twitter but just in a slightly different format. Ideally this will be interactive and perhaps contain some guest columnists.

I am excited to get going on this.