Meet a VC behind Some of New Hollywood’s Big Investments

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Thanks for checking out our first episode! We really enjoyed our chat with film producer Neal Edelstein about creating content for Apple devices. If you haven’t checked us out yet, The @JonErlichman Show is a weekly podcast, recorded at TuneIn Studios in Venice. We focus on everything that makes LA exciting right now — the intersection of tech, media and entertainment. Each episode also features the great Caroline Lesley (@skorstar).

Okay, time for podcast #2…meet Mark Terbeek.

In our second podcast, we speak with Venture Capitalist Mark Terbeek (Greycroft Partners). Mark’s been in the VC game since 1995, entering the industry just a few months before Netscape went public. He has led investments in (and sat on the boards of) some of LA’s most-talked about companies, including ZEFR, AwesomenessTV and Machinima.

Terbeek’s a big believer in LA because of where it is in the technology cycle. After many years spent building the infrastructure (networks, hardware, software), LA has laid the foundation for fast-growing content and services companies, explains Terbeek. He notes YouTube opened doors for video creators in the same way that Amazon’s cloud services created great opportunities for software developers. When the storytelling abilities and design sensibilities of Hollywood’s creative community are fused on top of these platforms, “It’s magic,” says Terbeek.

Which companies will be LA’s next big winners? Listen to the full podcast here:

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