Podcast #3 — Andrew Stalbow on Building a Mobile Game Business in Hollywood

Seriously’s mobile game ‘Best Fiends’

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This week, we’re pleased to share our conversation with entrepreneur Andrew Stalbow, Co-Founder and CEO of LA start-up Seriously. Stalbow, a former Fox executive, helped build Rovio’s business in the US. Rovio, of course, is the company behind the highly successful Angry Birds franchise. Like Rovio, Seriously views itself as an entertainment company rooted in highly engaging mobile games.

Seriously’s first game, “Best Fiends,” first launched on iOS in October. It has since launched on Google Play and it reached the 10,000,000-download milestone last month.

Many in Hollywood are still building brands on movie screens and television first, even though young audiences spend an enormous amount of leisure time on mobile devices. Stalbow walked us through the process of making the app the entertainment platform: “Everybody knows that the great opportunity for brands now — or for content — is not to be distributed through third-party platforms, but to be directly connected to its own audience. The greatest challenge at the studios is that they’re B2B companies (apart from Disney). So they’re always distributing their content through other people’s platforms.”

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