Don’t skip your Bridal Portraits!

Finishing up a bridal session this weekend, a few things occurred to me. Many brides are skipping out on their bridal sessions. But I have no idea why! I don’t bet often, but I’m willing to for this topic. You will regret skipping out on your bridal portrait session! I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with many ‘old timers’ who recount memories of their wedding day, over 50 years later. It reinforces the value of my theory.

It seems like a daunting task to add on your wedding day, and I know, I get it! When everything is on a time crunch, how in the world will you squeeze in a portrait session? Maybe you are concerned about the wedding venue not being the most pleasing to the eyes. Maybe you’re already on a time crunch, when will you have the time?

The wedding day

Of course your wedding day will be a perfect opportunity for your Bridal Portraits. You already have your hair and makeup done. Your dress is set and ready to go by this point. Now you just have to fit the session into your timeline. Which if you’re reading this, hopefully you haven’t created your timeline for the day. If so, moving things around could be daunting. I will tell you, thirty minutes is just enough time, but of course, the more the better. Wedding days don’t always happen as planned so getting a portrait session thrown in the mix won’t always be feasible. I’ve been tasked with fifteen minutes at a wedding recently after a long prep session closed the gap from what originally was an hour long session before the ceremony. That’s when you’ve really got to know your stuff and get creative!

The good note…

The time away during your portraits can be one of the best moments to relax, and reset all of your bearings. Not to mention a perfect bonding time with your photographer. Maybe there are some concerns you have about the wedding day, or what shots you really want but haven’t thought of up until now.

Before or After

Setting up a dedicated portrait session on a day before or soon after will relieve the tension set by a wedding day timeline. I will warn you though, this may be an additional cost with many photographers. Brides who choose this option when booking one of my packages are given this option at an additional cost.

Set aside your thoughts about the additional cost. A bridal session without time constraints is certainly stress free. Typically a two hour session, relaxed, where you can get much more creative. Bring your brides maids, or maid of honor out with you, have a glass of wine. It’s a perfect time for photographers to become more creative, becoming adventurous without a deadline. Have your hair done a completely different style from your wedding day plan. Change up your make up, it’s the perfect time to experiment!

Twenty years from now, I hope that you won’t have any regrets for your wedding day! So which ever works for you, don’t skip out on your Bridal Session! Be the star of your own day! Who knows, maybe I will be your photographer!