Frozen weddings and stress

Taking on a wedding with the potential for freezing weather sounds fine when you are sitting on a beach chair with a notebook and cell phone speaking with a perspective client. The sun beating down and a warm breeze blowing through your ice cold beer. It’s a form of psychological trickery that shadows a perception of no obstacles. Just a simple chat over the phone to see if our personality and style match.

Fast forward to the late fall when the warm weather is only a short squall that disappears faster than a bolt of lightning. The morning of a wedding day can unfold in so many different ways. Some photographers want to lay out how it will go, I cannot in my good consciousness lead you down the direction no one knows. What I can tell you is that no matter how stressed or not stressed you become (bride or groom), We’re there with a confident shoulder. You’ve hired a professional to document the biggest day of your life. Personally, I bond to my clients with a touch of humor and blunt honesty. That’s usually how I know a bride and groom are a good fit. Yeah I know that sounds crazy, but we also turn down clients.

We wanted these beautiful pictures for our formal shots, now it’s cold and windy

Yeah this has happened, and there is a simple solution that just requires a little trust. Ten minutes before we left the house where everyone was getting ready, a gust of wind blew through the neighborhood, the gorgeous sunlight disappeared, balanced with startling chill.

The mother of the bride was not happy, and rightfully so. Though she did take it out on us because sometimes, everything is the photographers fault. Walking swift down the hill yelling at my assistant to hurry and dialing in an estimated setting on my camera while fumbling around with a lens change. It is the moments like this when I realize more so than ever; shoot more! Which is what I do, all the time. Hone in that artistic style and master light.

Cherry red cheeks and windswept hair

Yep, that was also the case. More problems to solve than in one hour to last a week. It’s something to think about heavily when picking a wedding date with potential for freezing temperatures. Though we all thought luck was on our side, that is no way to plan. I don’t know what the ratio is between photographers who are willing to correct blemishes and red faces. However, given these are the only formal shots, it is only fair to the client as well as myself, artistically to show off the best work in the situation presented. As for the mother of the bride, she was impressed with the quick work to get the ladies out of the cold. The guys on the other hand, let’s just leave it at hilarious for the final fifteen minutes we had to work on a few things.

Let’s be honest, this isn’t meant to scare you. Merely bring you to reality with the choice of a winter wedding. Personally I would love to find a client for a Christmas wedding. The possibilities for that style would be endless! Cold, absolutely, but if you’re a person who enjoys the snow, please and yes I will shoot your wedding!