Photographers better get worried

Cell phones are the factor pushing photo tech

For a while now society has been overwhelmed with the amount of “Photographers” that have entered the industry. It’s one reason I left for a short time, because I didn’t want to be labeled as the stereotype. But than I realized that a large piece was missing. So I thought about it hard, and realized that I wasn’t part of this new “fad” that has overcome the world because cameras are now so accessible. I am a photographer, and I love to create photographs, no matter what camera I have in my hand.

Now, we face an even more daunting adversary. The infamous cell phone camera. Which in the beginning was more of a cute little toy that no one took seriously. But now, we have companies like Huawei, and their new phone that integrates technology directly from Leica! I personally think that phone may be amazing, even though I have much love for Apple (yes I’m an apple fan boy, I’m sorry). Speaking of Apple, the new iPhone 7 has technology that can produce portraits that mimic the look of an 85mm or 50mm lens shot almost wide open. Now, camera manufacturer Red, is developing a new phone that is probably going to blow every other mobile mobile camera out of the water. With the specs of this phone still up in the air, we can only imagine that they will certainly integrate the amazing tech that is found in there professional line of cinema gear.

Meanwhile over in the photography world, we have companies like Sony and Fuji who keep making incredible progress with there recent releases. This year Fuji dropped a bomb on the industry releasing a Medium Format camera system that competes directly with Hasselblad at half the cost! Sony is on the other side producing a brand new camera at a rate of once a year. Or at least that’s what it seems like. They are crushing the DSLR market with dynamic range, speed, quality, and usability. Canon and Nikon have a lot to be worried about, and so do the rest of the photographers in the industry who refuse to realize that the times are changing.

For years now, photographers have become a bit lazy in their approach. Everyone is so concerned about the gear we have in our bags. We almost forget the technical and artistic approach to photography. The approach that makes each of us shoot and process differently from each other. An incredible amount either refuse or flat out don’t put in the effort to learn the craft of controlling light, which is the most literal science that creates a photograph. What does shutter speed control? What does aperture control? How about ISO? The answer is, LIGHT! It all comes down to light.

Do you know what controls light better than some photographers? A cell phone…Let that sink in for a few moments. It’s like taking candy from a baby. Engineers have developed ways for cellphone cameras to create HDR images that grab dynamic range in a way that makes everyone a “photographer”. But don’t get too romantic about it, for those people who don’t have a clue how these images were created, they are not artists. Lazy photographers better step it up and start learning light, because the threat is real, and if you quit learning the craft, it all ends today! Start understanding how you can control and manipulate these factors to create beautiful images that will stand the test of time and technology because the photographer who created the image knows how to create light, diffuse light, block light, and control the strength of their light. The point is, just learn light! That will ultimately determine where every photographer will stand in the coming future as technology increases our abilities. We have to raise the bar as the tools we have constantly help us to do so!