On Microsoft acquiring Activision Blizzard

  • Treat their developers with more respect. Give them time to breathe and produce something extraordinary. Deadlines will still be a thing, of course, but not in a way that would force developers into crunch and reduced quality.
  • Support more indie developers. Fund their projects, market them, give them timed-exclusivity, while giving them reasonable deals to create exclusive titles — and not lock them down in other projects they want to explore.
  • Maybe it’s time to tap into big names to write game narratives. See what FromSoftware did with Elden Ring? The idea of playing a game with a backdrop written by A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones) author, George R.R. Martin, got people talking and hyped.
  • To further reiterate: Get authors like N.K. Jemisin and Brandon Sanderson to write, or collaborate with, for Broken Earth and Cosmere videogames. Reach out to Jordan Peel, Joe Hill, maybe even James Wan, or let’s go all the way to Stephen King, for horror games (we get way too much H.P. Lovecraft stuff, though Cthulhu will always be awesome). Grab Jeff VandeMeer and Pierce Brown, and many other amazing science fiction authors, for futuristic and weird games. These people have huge fans and many of them play games.
  • Games set in the Green Bone Saga would be amazing, as an open world where you get to do what you want in a Grand Theft Auto style and face consequences for certain actions. A game called The Last Windrunner set during Recreance in Stormlight would be mind-blowing (they would have to do this in a way that doesn’t spoil the mysteries from books). And let’s all admit it, a massive open world game based on Malazan sounds incredibly epic. Give us a game based in the world of the KingKiller Chronicles, sprinkled with the legends and stories of Kvothe, and people are going to lose their freaking minds. There is no shortage of potential.
  • Games like Dark Souls and The Elder Scrolls have proven that people love games with massive and interesting lore. Give them plenty for people to talk about. Give them creative vagueness and the community will bring life to it on its own.
  • Since we are in the era of remakes and legacy sequels. We need a remake of Parasite Eve and Xenogears. A Xenogears sequel would be even better. Since Chrono Trigger is still damn popular, and we are hearing rumors of a Chrono Cross remaster (or a remake?), maybe it’s time we get our hands on Chrono Break? Yes, Brave Fencer Musashi is a Legend of Zelda ripoff. The same way Resident Evil was to Alone in the Dark. The same way how Final Fantasy was to Dragon Quest. Bring back Brave Fencer Musashi with new ideas, it’s going to be great. All of these, and more, as PlayStation exclusives.
  • Didn’t badass filmmaker, Guillermo del Toro and Hideo Kojima tried to work on a videogame called Insanity? Where is that? Make that happen. Maybe it’s actually P.T. aka the canceled Silent Hills game featuring Walking Dead actor Norman Reedus.
  • Maybe consider a successor to the PlayStation Vita, to rival mobile devices, such as phones, Nintendo Switch, and the Steam Deck. Better if it’s integrated to the next console. But that’s basically copying Nintendo.
  • Revamp PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now. Maybe even combine them. (Last I checked, these are two difference subscriptions?). Microsoft is gradually ditching the console wars and offering services. This is something Sony needs to study more and see how they can compete with this. If you ask me, all I can think of is adding movies and TV shows produced and distributed by Sony, at the same time, making original content to add value. The total cost of it would probably be crazy.
  • Or, Sony can do nothing. They will continue to produce exclusives the same way they’ve always done. Continue making PlayStations until the diminishing returns of sales leads to a tragic loss of a legacy. People will mourn but they’ll have Xboxes and PCs to help them move on.




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Aspiring author.

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