you think the women needing the assistance of planned parenthood are the same women with money to…

Nice try! I worked for 5 years in the non-profit sector, and my wife has spend over a decade in the non-profit sector working with at poverty level individuals, supplying programs to kids, affordable housing, food programs etc. I’ve seen how Section 8 housing works, Medicaid assistance etc. I’d wager I know much more about EXACTLY the type of people I’m talking about than whatever you think you might know. Let me tell you that a VERY large portion of that crowd can afford all of those things because they WANT those things. You always have money for what you want. I understand there are legitimate needs, I’ve dealt with those, but not enough to account for the 500,000+ abortions that occur from simply not using any contraceptives which are easily obtained and readily available at virtually every gas station and convenience store in the country.

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