I’ll add this to the mix…..52%
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We’re not allowed to suggest contraceptives as a viable alternative to abortions. Because it’s restrictive of women’s choices and apparently $20 a month for a 99% effective contraceptive is too expensive. But I digress.

95% of abortions do not fall into incest/rape/medical requirement to save the life of a mother. 52% of abortions from that group simply didn’t use any contraceptives. That basically means that abortion is becoming a lifestyle choice, a way to avoid consequences of actions. 9% of abortions happen when the baby has a heartbeat, can hear, sex is capable of being determined, is urinating into the fluid showing development of digestion. Another 1% go beyond the second trimester 14–16 week point, and we’re into swallowing, sucking motions, well into movement, individual finger prints and footprints forming. Only Nebraska, and North Carolina limit abortions to this week range. At 20 weeks, Dilation and Extraction is difficult because the baby’s tissues and bones have grown strong enough that the vacuum can’t easily tear the 6–7 in body apart so usually larger chunks separate or they have to just drag the entire fetus out while it slowly dies on a tray. Legally most states still allow abortion up to 24 weeks while there have been numerous “preemie” babies from the 80s up to recently survive from 20/21/22 week births. Modern science is getting even better with this, but we’re pushing for the progress of a different science of the killing variety.

I’ll grant that 72% of those are usually from near or at poverty level women, and that African American & Latino women are over-represented in that data. That’s why I’m fine with subsidizing contraceptives and pushing programs that support that. I’m for the basic mission of Planned Parenthood, I’m not for supporting the roughly $200 Million PROFIT they made off abortions with tax payer dollars.

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