Electricity in America

Electricity was the most important aspect of the industrial revolution relating to American lives. This new era inspired inventors who used electricity in ways that nobody had ever dreamed of. So many people helped in creating a network of cables that ran across the United States. There were new ways invented to help manufacture supplies that used this electrical current. It made it easily possible to give American’s a taste of relaxation and luxury at the end of a hard days work. Markets needed refrigerators to store food for local buyers. They needed to keep the food fresher and longer. This was only possible with the help of this great change.

Thomas Edison helped during this time to drive the demand for the electrical current. He helped aid a team of scientists in creating power plants that could provide power for every American. Men worked day by day to secure power poles for businesses so they could provide a better service for their customers using electricity. The main goal was to publicly distribute power to every city, business and home. Lights helped attract attention for business and provide people with a warm feeling that resulted in better sales. The men working in factories, stores and shops could work longer hours. Other lights were used all night like City Street lamps which provided a warm feeling for a small town and brought the towns people together. The industrial revolution provided not only power, but the power for Americans to strive for more new technology and businesses in America for another new changing age.

-Jon Marshall

Originally published at thecomputerfield.com.

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