Neighborhood Schools

September 30, 2012 RE: Neighborhood Schools

Dear Mr. Hilst

The purpose of this letter is to express my best interest regarding neighborhood schools as well as to provide my deepest emphasis regarding your feelings. It is in my favor to announce the future plans for reform in our local school and their initiatives related to your concern.

Among others in our community who believe the same, they have also expressed their dearest concern, not only relating to the recent budget cuts, but also the services provided by local volunteers and what would become of them. I agree that there are many ways we as a community can pull together to provide what is needed for the children of our school. It is my strong belief that we can strictly justify that the cost is no excuse for hindering our children’s learning. We can properly manage the issues regarding the justification of neighboring schools and maintain our priority of keeping the local schools open.

It is a personal desire that the neighborhood schools maintain providing their services and I know that I share these feelings with those who hold important tradition for the local community schools and day programs. Another concern made by parents are their feelings towards the transportation of their children to other schools located in other communities. There have been studies conducted relating to saving money but truly ends up costing more. There is no cost effectiveness in any form. Parents voice their concern that actually costs them more money to do so.

I also understand that this discussion regarding neighborhood schools sometimes goes unattended due to other issues that demand more of the budget, the lack of finances can be of no excuse. I agree that our students should be attending school and engaging in community activities and sports and then home for proper rest and nutrition. Not that they should be spending two hours each way on a bus being transferred to larger inner-city schools who seamlessly acquire more grand money when this happens. These issues will soon be addressed and so too the budget reform regarding the individual grand allowances based not only on population of school but the regular attendance of individual students.

With my sincere concerns, I will ensure Tulsa’s future will have the local neighborhood schools it once had. It is not only going to be good for the community, but it will be the right thing to do for our next generation of students in our society.

-Jon Marshall

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