Jon Parrish Explains Social Distancing’s Impact on Client Interaction

Engaging with clients while social distancing guidelines are enforced poses a serious challenge to businesses, as it would appear nigh impossible to re-create an effective interaction similar to what was experienced prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

With in-person encounters presently out of the question, companies are having to re-think their communication strategies, creating a structural balance that ensures that both the consumer’s safety and specific needs from the business are met.

Jon Parrish, the chief operating officer of Coastal Maintenance & Restoration in Naples, Florida, has reviewed some of the tactics that can be utilized to ensure that strong customer connections remain a common practice.

Reaching Out

While companies are temporarily dispensing with face-to-face pleasantries, Jon Parrish stresses that you can still contact customers by: asking loyal clients about their major concerns during the pandemic; documenting possible issues, such as how to ably assist consumers who often finalize their purchases after testing the product at a store; and addressing any complaints found on social media pages that are within your capabilities of correcting. Phone calls, emails, and direct messages will help you determine solutions in servicing customers that your business can incorporate now and, conceivably, in the future.

Offering Self-Service Options

Employees will be forgiven for not managing to handle each customer’s issue thoroughly, given the increased volume of calls expected. In the interest of saving time and offering immediate answers, your business should add a few self-service features, Jon Parrish says. An impressive 81 percent of consumers already seek to resolve issues on their own before contacting a live representative, so why not manufacture a system based on these propensities? Online is where customers will be performing the bulk of their purchases for the foreseeable future and your company must prepare beneficial self-service. Customer forums are an obvious tool, but you might also want to consider an artificial intelligence-based chatbot, which is trained to answer client queries right from your webpage.

More Follow-Up Inquiries

Showing that you truly care for your clients is imperative in these drastic times, Jon Parrish states. Companies will look to make every client interaction count by taking detailed notes and asking follow-up questions because it will demonstrate an acknowledgment of their apprehension. Also, businesses will make it more of a priority to check in with consumers occasionally, assuring them that they are not alone and that their interests are being protected. A personal touch of this variety is bound to be extended to all customers. To reach people even further, organizations are likely to communicate decisive actions, beneficial discounts, and other significant initiatives through mass email campaigns or social media postings.

Jon Parrish on Being Authentic

Your tone, previously focused on the company motto or goals, will noticeably adapt to express emotional support and empathy to your clients. Do your best to be authentic, caring about the customer’s day-to-day situation rather than their status as a purchaser who intends to move forward in conducting business with your organization, says Jon Parrish.

This is the moment to speak as if you were a friend, a fellow human who is enduring similar struggles amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Remind them of this and commit to being openly transparent in all conversations, as it will create a connection on a humane level that is ever so needed, appreciated in these months ahead.

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