Day 19 Project Week

Jon Ramer
Jon Ramer
Mar 5, 2017 · 3 min read

Day 19 is in the books and it was another fun day. We finished up a project that required us to work with the Spotify API. We had to make multiple requests to the API and get back different data sets. First we had to search for an artist and get back a list of artist names that matched our search criteria. Then when you clicked on an artists the app launched two more AJAX requests that got all of the albums for that artist and all of the tracks for those albums. Once all of the data came back we had to loop through it using a forEach and render it to a web page. It was the most complicated AJAX exercise we’ve had by far. We also did the OMDB movie API exercise a few more times to increase our speed. I went from an hour and a half down to 8 minutes by the third or fourth try. I was really proud of that and it made me realize how important it is to get as much practice as possible on every exercise. The first time through is usually a struggle. Each subsequent attempt gets faster and more optimized. The goal is to get as much practice as possible doing it the right way. That’s why the repetition is so important.

In other news project week is on the horizon! I’ve decided to recreate the Simon memory game from my childhood. I wanted to choose something that put the majority of the skills we learned in Q1 to the test. I think this game will provide a nice amount of DOM manipulation as well as javascript logic. I’ve got some stretch goals in place as well like using a javascript library called SoundJS to add audio to the game if I get everything done on time.

I’m really excited about the project! We have all of next week to work on it in class, but I’m going to get an early start over the weekend. I want to get all of the front end design done first so I can spend class time working on the logic of the game. My goal is to make the game have an authentic retro feel. I want to get as close to the original experience as possible.

I can’t tell you guys how excited I am to be making my first legitimate project. I’m also super nervous at the same time. I know that I’m going to hit some roadblocks along the way and the pressure is more intense since I have to present this to a bunch of people this coming Friday. Hopefully I’ll be able to deliver something close to what I’m picturing in my head. More than that though I hope that I learn a lot in the process. I’m getting addicted to learning new things. I’ve been dreaming about code pretty much every night which is a strange phenomenon. I guess it’s to be expected with how much time I’m spending coding though. I’m trying to absorb as much information as possible during this six month stretch. I’m going to be looking for jobs as a full-stack engineer come July and I know that employers are going to grill me coming from a bootcamp program with no prior experience. I’m feeling confident though. I’ve got a great instructor and I think that’s the most important thing.

That’s enough chit chat for now. I’ve got a project to get started! I’ll keep you posted on how things are progressing.

19 down 81 to go!

Jon Ramer

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Jon Ramer

Software Engineer & Student for Life

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