Day 23 Project Week

The second half of project week stole some of my blog time away from me so I’m two days behind. I’m going to do my best to recap my progress as it happened.

Thursday was the last full day of coding before presentations on Friday so everyone was feeling a lot of pressure. I had a lot of things left on my wish list, but I knew that I most likely wouldn’t get to all of them. I was right I didn’t get to everything before Friday, but I did make a lot of progress. I had three main things on my list for Thursday. I wanted to add a streak counter, do a lot of refactoring, and write tests. I didn’t get to the tests, but I did do a fair amount of refactoring and I did add a nice little streak counter to the game.

Also when I got home that evening I decided I needed to add the sound effects to the game so that my presentation would have a more authentic feel. It took me until pretty late Thursday evening, but I did get that working which was really fun.

Going into Friday I still need to deploy my project and I still haven’t written any tests so hopefully I will be able to get all of that done on Friday.

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