Day 35 More CRUD

Day 35 is in the books and the Reddit clone is complete. That’s a good thing too because tomorrow I have to burn it down and rebuild the entire thing in one day. Tomorrow’s exercise will serve as an assessment and we must do it solo this time. We’ve been working in groups of three up until now. I’m excited to see how well I fare tomorrow. It feels like a lot to complete in a day, but I know that it will be way faster this time around. I’ve learned so much from this exercise over the last few days. It really solidified some things that I have been unclear to me for a while. For an experienced developer a CRUD(create read update destroy) app should be no problem at all. For a relatively new developer though there is a lot going on in a CRUD app. I was explaining something to a fellow classmate today that made me realize just how complex it can be. We were looking at some information that had been rendered to an EJS page from our Postgres database. I was talking through the path that the data took to get there and there were quite a few steps. For example the information lives in the database, but in order to get it on the page it had to go through the following steps:

  1. Seed the data into the database
  2. Create a route to fetch the data
  3. Use KNEX to query the data
  4. Pass the results from the KNEX call to the .then( ) method
  5. Send the data to the client using the res.render( ) method
  6. Render the data to the page using EJS

That’s quite a few steps and there are a lot of opportunities for mistakes along the way. The process is frustrating in the beginning, but when you have that many layers of complexity and everything starts working it’s an amazing feeling. Those are the moments that keep us coming back for more.

My instructor said something interesting today. He said that when you get to the point where you just know what’s going on and you can do this stuff without any issues it’s actually kind of disappointing. I thought that was really interesting because I find that I really enjoy challenges that require me to dig in and use all of the knowledge I have and even go outside of what I know. I enjoy the detective work it takes to figure out why things aren’t working. Being in a position where I’m just repeating something that I already know how to do over and over again sounds terrible. I want to keep working on challenging projects and learning new things that push me to my limit. That’s an important thing to keep in mind as I think about jobs and industries that might be interesting to work in. It’s got to be something where I can push myself and continue to improve. Otherwise it’s just a job like the one that drove me so nuts that I decided to do this in the first place. I just found that to be really interesting so I thought I would share it.

Tomorrow feels like a milestone day for our entire class. Getting through our first CRUD app is a big deal. I’m really proud of what we have been able to accomplish so far. It’s time for me to go review a few things for the assessment tomorrow. I’ll let you know how it goes!

35 down 65 to go!

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