Day 42 Testing

Day 42 is in the books! We spent the majority of the day writing tests for our most recent iteration of a CRUD app. It’s the most we’ve truly followed a TDD workflow in class so far. We wrote the tests for each route and then created the necessary views and routes to make those tests pass. It was a great experience to follow an actual TDD process for all of the routes.

I learned a lot about the way Mocha and Chai work. We were using Chai’s ‘expect’ assertion library which I personally like because it reads a bit more like plain english in my opinion. I also had the chance to apply a little bit of styling to the app which I haven’t done much of on the CRUD apps that I’ve made so far. I always enjoy the styling aspect. It’s rewarding to put some polish on your app when you have been putting a lot of energy into the back-end.

We had our first discussion about our Q2 projects which are coming up next week. We split up into groups of five and tomorrow we will start pitching ideas within the group. I’m both excited and mildly concerned about how the week will go. We’re going to have five people with their own ideas, opinions, and styles of coding all working together on the same repo. I’m sure the git workflow is going to be interesting to say the least. On the one hand it’s powerful to have multiple people working on different things which accelerates the speed at which you can move forward. On the other hand it’s a little concerning to have to give up so much control. I know that it will be valuable experience regardless of how rough it might be and for that reason I’m optimistic. I’m hopeful that we will be able to split up the project in a way that allows each member of the team to push themselves and maximize how much we can learn during the week. I’m also hopeful that we will have a really good project to add to our portfolios at the end of this thing. Ideally I’d love to use a technology that we haven’t learned in class yet like React or Angular. We have a lot to figure out between now and Friday. We are supposed to have our projects approved by the instructor by then which means we have to reach a decision as a group. We also have to have wireframes done by Monday. I’m hoping we can have those done by Friday as well so we can go into the weekend with a clear picture of what the app will be. It would be great to get a head start on everything before Monday.

I’m excited to see how everything turns out and I will definitely keep you guys posted as things progress. Stay tuned for more info on that soon!

42 down 58 to go!