Day 44 Project Ideas

Day 44 is in the books. Today we had the majority of the day to get with our Q2 project groups and try to come up with a short list of ideas. We had already narrowed our list to two finalists. We booked a conference room and started vetting each idea against the technical requirements for the project.

After vetting each we had the instructor come in to take a look and he picked the one that he thought was most appropriate for our skill level. He wanted to make sure that our idea was technically challenging as well so we talked through the nuances of the project and he helped us narrow down our MVP. He also gave us some good direction on which of our stretch goals he thought we should prioritize.

Once we had decided on our idea we talked through what stack we were going to use and how we were going to manage our workflow as a team. I think we came up with a pretty good system, but it’s our first time working in a big group like this on a shared repo so we will see how it goes.

Next we started to write out the user stories for our app which gave us an idea of what routes and views we would need. We pretty much ran out of time at that point so we delegated a few tasks for each of us to tackle over the weekend and went about our separate ways.

I walked away excited and nervous about how this process would flow. It’s hard to give up so much control on a project that feels like an essential part of this whole process. One of things I think is the most important about this program is that I walk away with several good projects to show potential employers. Giving up control and trusting that everyone will do their part and that we will be able to deliver a sufficient project is a little scary. I also realize that there is tremendous value in the lessons that will be learned during this collaborative effort. Ultimately I decided that what I stand to learn from working with a group this size far outweighs the fear of not delivering something amazing. That fear is probably a total myth anyways. I’m sure that our project will turn out great.

I’ll keep you posted as things progress with project week! Stay tuned for more info soon. Until then…happy coding!

44 down 56 to go