Day 45 Day 1 of Project Week

Jon Ramer
Jon Ramer
Apr 18, 2017 · 3 min read

Day 45 is in the books and Q2 project week is underway! Today we went straight into working on our project. We got things kickstarted over the weekend so we had a nice head start! My team was blowing up the slack channel all weekend. I felt like a slacker (no pun intended) on Saturday because I was looking at this will they were coding the day away:

Kayaking on the Guadalupe River

I’m not going to lie I actually didn’t feel bad at all. My wife and I took our dog down to New Braunfels, jumped in a kayak, and spent a couple of hours on the river. It was incredibly refreshing and a nice way to decompress before project week . I did however make my fare share of contributions on Sunday so no one would think I was actually slacking!

We held our own stand up meeting this morning in an attempt to kick off our project following an agile workflow. We recapped the progress that was made over the weekend, clarified the MVP, and delegated assignments. From there we headed to the lab where we spent most of the day grinding away on our assigned tasks. Initially our goal was to split things up in such a way that everyone could work a little bit on every part of the application, but we quickly abandoned that idea. We initially thought that would be a good idea because then everyone would get more practice in the areas where they felt weak. However, in practice that became problematic very quickly. We simply had too many cooks in each kitchen. We quickly changed course and broke out into front end and back end groups.

I was assigned to work on the back end and spent the rest of the day finishing up any routes that weren’t complete and implementing user registration and authentication. In fact, I just finished up that last portion. I still need to add some server side validations, but other than that the login/logout system is working great.

I’m eager to see the progress the rest of the team made over the course of the afternoon. We skipped our daily stand down meeting because a new cohort started at galvanize today and we had a happy hour for them.

I’ve observed that even though it’s only day one of project week people have starting pressing on each other’s nerves. One group had a bit of a falling out this morning. They quickly patched things up, but things got heated for a bit. My group has been a bit more reserved with their feelings, but I’ve definitely noticed some deep sighs and rolled eyes from time to time. I suppose it’s bound to happen during project week. Everyone has opinions about how things should work and everyone has to give up a lot of control and trust their teammates. That causes a bit of anxiety, but it builds character I suppose.

That’s pretty much today in a nutshell. I’m excited to see how much we get done tomorrow. The goal is to hit MVP by the end of the day. I’m not sure if we will get there or not, but I think we will be close. I’ll keep you posted on how things progress. Stay tuned for more info on that soon. Until then…happy coding.

45 down 55 to go

Jon Ramer

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Jon Ramer

Software Engineer & Student for Life

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