Day 61 All Good Things Must Come to an End

Day 61 is in the books! I was able to finish up the Angular Reddit clone Pt. 2 project today. It’s a little bittersweet though. One of the hard things about an immersive program like this is that things move so fast! As soon as you start to get your feet wet with something it’s on to the next thing. That’s one of the biggest reasons why I chose the galvanize program over some of the others out there. Galvanize is a 6 month, full-stack, web development program. Most of the others out there are only three months. I can’t imagine what it would be like trying to learn at that pace. There is so much to know and so little time to take it all in. I’ve had a lot of fun with everything that we’ve covered so I’m always wishing I had more time to go deeper. I hope that feeling never leaves because that’s one of the biggest reasons that I love coding. There’s always more to learn and another level that you can go to.

What I Learned From This Project

Front end frameworks are really cool. The provide you with some really cool functionality. Some of my favorite features so far are the two-way data binding, and the ability to make single page apps.

Learning on my own is getting easier, but it’s still really hard. This program has accelerated my learning tremendously. When I first started learning to code I would get so frustrated because I would hit a roadblock and have no idea where to go. Now I have so many ideas and different approaches to solving problems that I run into. However, I realize that I’m living in this nice little fantasy world where I always have the resources I need to find answers whether it be in the curriculum or from the instructor. Soon that security blanket will be gone and I will have to figure things out on my own. Hopefully I can find a collaborative team where everyone advocates for each other’s success.

Coding is so much more fun with other people. This week was pretty relaxed in the sense that we didn’t have a lot of lectures. We had to finish the Reddit clone, but we pretty much did so at our own pace. I had the privilege of working with a lot of different people in the class on this project and I had a blast. Overcoming obstacles with other people and sharing in the joy and in the struggle makes the whole process so much more meaningful.

Oh and I also learned a whole lot about Angular.


Tomorrow is a review day. Actually the rest of the week is review. Our instructor is doing one on one review sessions in three hour blocks each day. The rest of us can review and practice whatever we want. I want to review testing and make some improvements to my Reddit clone app. I’m looking forward to having some time to process and really let things sink in. As always I’ll keep you guys posted on any new developments. Stay tuned for that Angular Reddit Clone walkthrough as well. Until then…happy coding!

61 down 39 to go