Day 67 Q3 Project Underway

Q3 Project

Day 67 is in the books and my Q3 project is officially underway. I’m setting out to convert a game that I made in Q1 ( into a React Native app. I’ve been wanting to dip my toe in React for a while now. It’s not a part of our curriculum so I figured this would be a good time to give it a test drive. I’ve also wanted to make a mobile app since I started the program so here we go! React Native gives you the ability to create apps that run on both Android and IOS devices. The magic is that you can do all of that in javascript!


I spent the majority of the day coming up with an overall game plan for how to attack this project. I created a trello board and came up with some user stories to get me started. I also defined my MVP and jotted down some stretch goals for the project. I defined MVP as getting my existing game running on an Android device. I would like to get it running on IOS as well, but that won’t be a part of my MVP. Stretch goals include multi-player support and the ability to save and reload games. If I somehow get all of that done there are two additional game modes that I would like to add as well.


I spent the second half of the day walking through a tutorial on how to get React Native installed and configured on your machine. I’ve never seen or touched React before so this should be fun! I created a test app and was able to run it in an Android emulator which was really cool. I had to use the Android Studio IDE for some of that so that’s another new environment that I need to get familiar with.


In the morning I plan to go through a few more React Native tutorials to try and get a better feel for how things work. There is an integration tutorial that I’m particularly interested in. If I’m able to get my head around how everything works I will start trying to incorporate the source code from my game into it’s own React app. Project weeks tend to be a little crazy, but I’ll do my best to keep you guys up to date. I also realize that I still owe you a walkthrough of the Angular Reddit Clone so I hope to squeeze that in this week as well. Until next time…happy coding!

67 down 33 to go