Day 7 My First Rant

Another day of grueling, mind-bending, amazing, terrible learning is in the books! It was a great day, but these are just a few of the emotions that you will experience every single day as a developer. It goes something like this:

  1. You get a project and think to yourself “oh shit I’m never going to be able to solve this!”.
  2. You start to analyze the problem and break it down into smaller pieces while still thinking to yourself “I’m not good enough, smart enough, or experienced enough to figure this out”.
  3. You start to experience a fear of failure: “I hope no one is paying attention because I’m going to fail this with flying colors.”.
  4. You hit a breakthrough: “I love programming! It’s the best thing ever!”
  5. You take a break: “I’m so smart. I can do anything. I love my life as a developer”.
  6. You get another problem assigned to you: “Shit I’m never going to be able to solve this!”.

On and on it goes for the rest of your career as a developer. This post is going to be a bit more general. I just want to rant a little on a few things that have been on my mind this week.

This cycle is meant to be kind of funny, but anyone with much coding experience will vouch for it’s accuracy. This is what we sign up for as developers. A life of problems and frustration, but with those problems come a few breakthroughs and those breakthroughs are worth all of the hassle. You really do feel like a genius every time you solve a problem, and you’re actually getting smarter in the process. This is exactly what makes being a developer wonderful and terrible at the same time. It takes a special kind of person to sign themselves up for such a rollercoaster of emotions. I’m not sure when I became that kind of person, but it happened. Suddenly I find myself enjoying the struggle, and wanting to challenge myself and make my brain do crazy workouts.

Today we were working through javascript challenges that will likely appear in technical interviews in the near future. Some of them were pretty straightforward and others were really complex and difficult. I watched as my classmates shared in the same emotional rollercoaster that I was on. Each one doubting themselves and wanting to hide in the corner just before erupting with great satisfaction that they had finally experienced a breakthrough! It’s only been seven days, but I can already see how that shared struggle is bonding us together. It’s pretty cool to see how people help and encourage each other when someone is feeling discouraged or frustrated. This sentiment really resonates with me right now. One thing I don’t like about our industry is that there isn’t much diversity. We need to strive to encourage people of all backgrounds to join in on the fun. I wish there were more women and more ethnicities present in my class and in the industry as a whole. I wish these skills were more accessible to people and didn’t seem so obscure to the average person. I think there are lots of people who would be great developers and would love it if they were just nudged in the right direction. I apologize for the rant, but in fairness I did warn you. That’s really about all I’ve got for the day. Tomorrow we are going over higher order function in more detail. Higher order functions are basically functions that invoke other functions inside themselves. It’s a really powerful and sometimes confusing concept. I’m sure it will be exhausting, frustrating, and amazing all at the same time. One can hope anyways. Good night!

7 down and 93 to go!

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