Day 80 Capstone Project Ideas

Day 80 is in the books! Today we spent the majority of the day working on linked list exercises. It’s a challenging exercise because it’s a new data structure and the way that you manipulate it is much different than arrays or objects. It’s been fun to collaborate with my classmates to reason our way through each challenge. Throughout the day our instructor pulled each of out one by one to discuss our capstone project ideas.

Capstone Projects

The capstone project is kind of a big deal at galvanize. It’s the culmination of everything that you have learned throughout the entire program. It’s a time for employers to come in and observe the talent that is coming on the market at graduation. It’s also a time to think about what you really want to do in your career and try to tailor your project to that. It can be a lot of pressure. It’s a significant technical challenge to be sure. You have two weeks to deliver a polished product that showcases your skills as a full-stack developer.

It’s also a celebration of sorts. I was talking with another classmate today about just how much we have learned in the last 6 months and it really is incredible. It’s going to be fun to create something this project as a representation of all of the skills we have acquired. So today I had a conversation with my instructor about all of those things. We talked about a couple of ideas and what my goals should be for the project. We also talked about the job search and what I should be looking for. My instructor is really passionate about being patient and finding the right fit which I really appreciate. I think it’s tempting to have the mentality that you just want to find a job as quickly as possible, but that can cost you if you settle for something that isn’t the right fit. I came away from the conversation feeling encouraged about both the project and my job prospects after the program. That’s typically what happens when you have a conversation with our instructor. He has that effect on people which is one of the things that makes him great at what he does.

I’ve got to spend the rest of the week thinking about project ideas and finishing my personal website. I also need to clean up my GitHub and make all of projects look nice with good readme files and everything. So that’s where I’m at. I’m excited for these next couple of weeks of computer science and then I’m really excited to get rocking on my capstone. I’ll keep you guys posted on how those things progress. Until next time…happy coding.

80 down 20 to go