A day in the life of a VC

5–10 years ago, a great part of the fresh graduates from most of the top European schools were systematically willing to start their professional career at Goldman Sachs or McKinsey. Things have dramatically changed with tons of first-time entrepreneurs coming out from these schools (Shift Technology, Payfit, Cardiologs, PeopleDoc, Zenly, Ornikar …) but also a new wave of aspiring VCs. And because it’s a pretty recent industry, especially in Europe, there isn’t that much literature about the VC job neither many former young VCs to discuss with…

I had the chance to go back to HEC a couple of weeks ago for a 2-hour intervention within the “Inside VC” course and I was asked to talk about the day-to-day life of a young VC — in particular the sourcing part of the job. A lot of people asked for the slides, hence I decided to make them available for everyone here!

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