Real-Live Databases

Recently we’ve been diving deeper into database work: from .csv files → sqlite3 .db files → PostgreSQL. Every lesson introduces us to better ways of doing things, but there’s still a lot of work to make the magic happen.

We’ve also made the MasterMind game; it was pretty fun getting the pictures for the guesses & designing what would represent “mismatched,” “miss,” & “correct.”

I had originally thought of using a cannonball splash near a ship for “miss,” but couldn’t find a picture, also it’d probably look bad being a small size.

We also watched a video about indie video game developers which was really eye-opening! I’d previously thought most of the $ was in video games, but I guess it’s in other areas. Totally cool either way, just good to learn more about the various industries. I’m also learning more through the speakers that are scheduled (about 2 a week it seems!).

Still plugging away; post later.