Learn to Code: 13 Tips that Could Save You Years of Effort
Eric Elliott

First off Eric, I want to thank you for publishing this. Everyday that I spend working on JS I am getting more skilled with the language and I plan on continuing my self-education. I have a lot of friends in the tech industry and most of them are Software Engineers (or insert other HR name). The comments on here are exactly what I expected and have even encountered myself when trying to learn on my own. I had a discussion with a CS major and he literally could not handle the fact that I wanted to learn without going to college. I thought he was going to have a nervous breakdown… To be serious, it sucks, because it was to my understanding that the programming world was sort of an open source one. A win-win type of deal, so when I started this journey, I got extremely discouraged by the negativity. Thankfully a very small number of the programmers I talked to either: a) Liked JavaScript as a language, or b) Worked hard to get where they are without a degree and have stellar jobs where I’m from in California. These small number of people are my mentors. Someone left a comment on here about not being able to get a great programming job without a degree and they are completely 100% wrong. I ignored all of the negativity and have been studying JS on my own for about a month while having a (great) full-time job using HTML and CSS to build emails and landing pages. I went to a meetup and somebody recommended me to your GitHub and I’m really glad they did. My goal is to become MEAN stack by the end of the year and no one’s stopping me. Thanks again for the post, it’s inspirational for me and it’s exactly what I needed to focus today.

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