Facebook Privacy Tips: Making it more PRIVATE

Since the introduction of social media back in the early 21st century, people have slowly began to use it more and more when it comes to talking to others or sharing photos, thoughts, and ideas. As time moved forward, more social media networks have been introduced, while others either evolved or shut down. A lot of the social media we know today include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, and more. As with every social network, there are privacy settings that all users must be aware of, and they must configure them to what they want, otherwise their posts or photos might get seen by those they may not want.

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Facebook is one of the most popular social media networks used today, having around millions among millions using it weekly, if not daily. It is a place for most to share photos, statuses, and videos with friends and family. Although many users might see this as an innovative way to connect with them, if users do not set their privacy settings to what they prefer, their posts might get seen by more than just the people they have added.

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I expect that most users, likely yourself included, don’t want strangers to see what you post, so it is best to consider these guidelines before you post all your status and selfies:

1. Privacy among Posts

Facebook gives you the ability to make posts where you can say anything you want, anywhere. The problem however, is that if you don’t have that post set to “Friends” or “Only me”, the public has the ability to see it too. Therefore, it is best to make sure your post is set to your preferred settings so that you can control who should be able to see what you share.

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While we’re still on this topic, did you know you can limit how far anyone can go into your old posts? Under the privacy tab, you can “Limit Past Posts” and decide upon which posts from the past can be made private to you only and which can still be seen. Not only will this hide your cringe-worthy old self, but it can also protect you from employers who some might dig into your Facebook before deciding whether or not to hire you. There has been an incident in the 2015 elections where one of Canada’s Liberal Party candidate got questioned because of what they posted many years ago on their social media page.

2. Timeline Tagging

Facebook users has the ability to share photos or other amazing stories, and with some of these stories, it involves more than just the person that is posting it. Most of the time, these users will tag their friends that may be involved with what happened, or they want them to get a notification so they can see it asap. The problem with this however is that not everyone will be cool with certain stories being posted directly onto their timeline. Unfortunately, Facebook does not have a feature where it prevents people from tagging you in different things, but you can however control and limit what can and cannot be posted onto your timeline. You can also remove a tag by going into the options and clicking “Remove Tag”.

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3. Friend Requests and Messages

Facebook is built for people to add other so they can stay connected and talk and share with each other online. However, not every friend request you get will be from someone you talk to on a regular basis in person. You can choose who can send you a friend request. There is “Everyone” and “Friends of friends” that you can decide on that will fit your privacy choice. If you get a friend request from someone you don’t want as your friend, you can simply decline the friend request and that will result in have that individual unable to re-add you as a friend. You can also control who can message you. You have the choice to block certain people from messaging you if you simply do not want to talk to them or if they are send vulgar messages. If all else fails, you can block the person as a while by simple going to their profile and selecting the “Block” button.

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Following these steps will further secure your Facebook’s privacy and make sure that what you post on your private profile stays PRIVATE.

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