Let Me Remind You Fuckers Who I Am
Hillary Clinton [parody]

Wait, so if you disagree with(meaning agree, since, this satire is actually clearly a degrading indictment of her heinously fickle and integrity free character) the article, you’re a hater. Do any of you shills know any truth about her supposed legacy? Are you aware of why she left CDF(CHILDREN’S DEFENSE FUND which everyone seems to want to bring up on her resume)?

I doubt it.

Does anyone wanna talk about her stance on DOMA, NAFTA, TPP or LGBTQ marriage equality(all things she fucked the American public in until last MONTH)?

NAH, didn’t think so.

Let’s discuss how she had welfare institute TANF. Man that’s progressive politics… if you’re Donald Trump.

Wait, I got it, her platform on student loan debt and wall street… oh Shit, my bad, you DEFINITELY don’t wanna discuss any of that…I mean, up until last week… man, She sure is feeling that Bern all of a sudden… how does that $12…oops, I mean $15 minimum wage…hmmmm, she’s almost as plagiaristic as some other wanna be first lady… this is getting tired… have fun supporting a lying, back stabbing, two faced… lawyer… Bahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.